Instructions for Use and Removal



Part 1: Insertion

Step 1: Insert your MicroSD card into the MiniDrive. Make sure the MicroSD card is fully seated in the MiniDrive, and fits completely and snug.

minidrive sd card
Pictured above is the MicroSD partially inserted into the MiniDrive.

instructions 1

Pictured above shows the MicroSD fully seated into the MiniDrive.

Step 2: Insert MiniDrive into the computer rapidly and completely, with the endcap or tape facing outward.

instructions 1

instructions 2

instructions 3

Step 4:
Check to make sure the MiniDrive fits in completely flush. You should be able to run your finger alongside the computer and it be smooth. If it is not, remove the MiniDrive and repeat steps 1 through 3. If the MiniDrive is flush, you are done and ready to boot!

Mini drive

Part 2: Removal

Step 1: Use the included red wire and hook it between the MiniDrive’s slits, as shown below. this will allow you to pull the MiniDrive out.


Step 2: Take the MiniDrive out by firmly and swiftly pulling on the red wire that you have hooked in.

instructions 3instructions 2instructions 1

You have now successfully pulled out the MiniDrive!


Not Working?

  • MiniDrive must be pushed in quickly. Remove and push back in quickly.
  • MicroSD must be fully pushed into MiniDrive. Remove-and reinsert. Confirm the outer corner of the MicroSD card is all the way in.       
  • If the gold contact points are dirty and not making a good connection..    1. To clean the internal “contact points”, remove and re-insert the MiniDrive rapidly (25x)    2. To clean the external “contact points”, remove and re-insert the MiniDrive into the MicroSD slot(25x).
  • If Air/Retina 15″ models are too thick to fit easily, contact us for help.

Need Alternative to the Red Wire to remove the MiniDrive?

A staple from a stapler will remove the MiniDrive great, as will a metal twist-tie from a loaf of bread! Most paper clips will not work as they are too thick.
If you have any questions that we can still answer, please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for purchasing the MiniDrive!